Salona 40, Grecja, Wyspy Dodokanezu, Kos
Salona 40 (3 cabins)
Grecja, Wyspy Dodokanezu, Kos
DŁ. 11.99 m
WIEK 15 lat
OKRES 7 dni
rabat 0%

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Dodatki płatne obowiązkowo
  • Standard charter pack 2 140.00 EUR/jacht/czarter
Dodatki opcjonalne
Skipper+Security Deposit Insurance: 350 € + food 1330.00 EUR/jacht/tydzień
Automatic life jackets (per unit, per week) 20.00 EUR/jacht/czarter
CREW CHANGE (In case of mandatory formalities (contract termination) due to crew change, available only in our charter bases,includes paperwork & formalities, 1 day berthing fee, water tank top-up.Yacht cleaning & laundry not included) 150.00 EUR/jacht/czarter
Beach towel 5.00 EUR/osobę/czarter
BBQ ( Portable, 1 x gas bottle included, per week) 150.00 EUR/jacht/tydzień
ADVANCE PROVISIONING- Food & beverage provisioning arranged in advance, using Istion’s Provision List template Purchased supplies are delivered to yacht only after the yacht has been handed over (check-in complete) 20.00 EUR/jacht/czarter
Pet on board (up to 7kg, per charter ) 150.00 EUR/jacht/czarter
OVERNIGHT EMBARKATION (Embarkation on yacht & overnight stay the day before charter starts,Check-in by 13:00 hrs on charter start day Subject to last minute availability of yacht on previous day) 150.00 EUR/jacht/czarter
Damage waiver 300.00 EUR/jacht/tydzień